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UPND Has No Vision – Resigned UPND Councillor




…as former NDC Copperbelt Vice Chairman, who is also former Ndola Mayor and LGAZ President Samuel Munthali, NDC Ndola District Chairman Laban Chibuye among others joins PF.

Copperbelt… August 1, 2020.

THE RULING Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt has continued to grow with more members from the opposition joining the PF party in the Province .

UPND Miputu ward Councillor in Masaiti has resigned to join the ruling PF.

“Have decided to resigne from UPND as a Councillor because UPND lacks leadership especially the bad approach it has towards Nation Developmental projects and l feel it is not right for me to be used to deny the people of Miputu development in the name of embarrassing and decampaigning the current PF government,” said Councillor Mabeti Hosini.

“Am happy with developmental agenda of our Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and our MP Mr katambo. The good working relationship of our Mayor of Luanshya Nathan Chanda who is also PF Provincial Chairman and others has made it possible fro me to join PF.”

The defectors from NDC where led by former NDC Copperbelt vice Chairman, who is also former Ndola Mayor Samuel Munthali and NDC Ndola District Chairman Laban Chibuye.

The entire NDC Chifubu Constituency Executive defected to the PF.

Mr. Chibuye said he had tilled in the PF and after going astray, he has opted to come back and harvest from the good of the PF.

Chibuye said the entire Ndola District has joined the PF and the defectors will be met in each constituency.

The defectors from UPND where led by former Chifubu Constituency Chairlady Jessy Banda.

Ms. Banda said there is no need to be in the UPND, when our former vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba left the UPND, why should I remain in a talkative and insulting party like UPND.

PF Member of the Central Committee Micheal Katambo who is also Masaiti Member of Parliament and Agriculture Minister said

“Let me start by thanking you our Provincial Chairman ba Nathan Chanda for your great leadership for the province. This what has happened is great for the party. Looking at all these people that have come to join PF, we thank you. Here in Ndola, we have received these people with both hands. Joining Edgar Lungu is joining national development. They have seen that NDC and UPND has no agenda. The development which Edgar Lungu has done is unprecedented. That is why people are coming to join us,” Mr. Katambo said.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda said PF is a party of fellowship.

“The PF is a party of fellowship, friendship and love just like our founding father Mr. Micheal Sata taught us. There is no one who is new or old in PF, we are all green. That is the message that President Edgar Lungu has preached.”

Chairman Chanda directed the Ndola District Chairman to give work to all these new members for the growth of the party. Lets create more branches and wards to strengthen the grassroots.

“Look at what this government is doing. For the first time FRA is buying the harvest from farmers by cash, this is what President Edgar Lungu and his government is doing.”

The Provincial Chairman reiterated the need for PF members to resist any form of violence.

“Don’t be involved in politics of insults, violence, that is not for PF, but we know our friends will always try to fight us, let us resist. We need to just go out and tell the people what the PF is doing for the people of Zambia,”
said Mr. Chanda.

“Let me thank President Edgar Lungu for the love he has for the Copperbelt province. He has yet again given us a Minister for water Development in Dr. Jonas Chanda our MP for Bwana Mkubwa and also our Vice Provincial Chairman.”

Ndola District Chairman Benjamin Chitondo said the leadership of Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda is unmatched and has seen the party grow on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Chitondo explained that due to the Covid-19 guidelines, the ruling party will be holding meetings from constituencies to receive the defectors monthly.

He said this weekend, the defectors came from Chifubu Constituency only.

62 UPND officials, 109 NDC members defected to join the ruling Patriotic Front.

The Patriotic Front Provincial Executive members included Rose Mukupo the Chairlady and other Provincial Executive Committee members.

Others that attended the meeting under Covid-19 guidance included Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga, Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi, Councillors within Ndola and other party officials from the District .

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