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UPND CAN WIN 2021………But hmmm……


Mwaba Mutale


UPND CAN WIN 2021………But hmmm……

Here is my research. I can want you to seize a idea first….PF has a definite proportion of unswerving fans a few of the Zambian inhabitants. UNPD has it personal too. We cant deny that ethnicity performs an enormous section on this variety. Its all over. In Kenya maximum Luo’s toughen Raila whilst maximum Kikuyus are workforce Kenyatta. Even in America you’ve got the blue states and purple states.. So it’s with UPND and PF which has staunch fans.. But majority of Zambian say about 80% dont belong to both PF or UPND..Actually many Zamhians hate politics and would relatively keep away..that’s why even By elections have very dangerous voter apathy (turnout). Many see no reason why to vote. But unswerving individuals queue up

But a basic election is a special tale… People take part and selected a candidate although they dont belong to both grouping. The mistake of the UPND in my research has been in part considering that as a result of Zambia is in a horrible financial state of affairs, due to this fact majority of the individuals are on their aspect! NO BALLY! The other folks, infact maximum Zambians are disinterested in politics

Coming to the caption, let me now give an explanation for it. Yes UPND can win if we’ve got what is named A PROTEST VOTE.. There are many forms of vote, for instance you’ve got a sympathy vote eg Rupiah Banda in 2008 were given a sympathy vote (benefited from Mwanawasa’s demise and legacy) Edgar Lungu in 2015 were given a sympathy vote from overdue Sata’s legacy and so forth…in reality we will be able to say 2015 and 2016 used to be a sympathy vote for PF. Sata even in his demise received them each elections.. 2021 Edgar Lungu is on his personal and if lets price them on efficiency and with out assist of state equipment, I doubt he would undergo

Let’s come again to the protest Vote. We have had 2 protest Votes to this point. October thirty first 1991 that kicked out KK on account of meals shortages and dangerous financial stipulations and December 27 2001 that boots booted out MMD as a result of principally of corruption and elected overdue Anderson Kambela Mazoka as President of Zambia. Though overdue President Chiluba who had such a lot of skeletons made certain that effects have been manipulated in the beginning placing elections deep in rain season in order that many puts can be completely bring to an end and inaccessible and ensuring the ones puts he significantly manipulated figures and finally introduced on them 10 days in a while 7 January after significantly rigging and setting up what he idea used to be his puppet Levy Mwanawasa who became towards him. In each cases corruption had change into so prime and poverty of the roof, extra a repeatation of what we’re seeing as of late

So 2021 we might see a Protest vote. It may swing in UPND’s favour. Not as a result of they’re nice at mobilization and feature installed a wonderful marketing campaign no. Actually maximum Zambians are offended at HH and his workforce for failure to capitalize at the present state of affairs particularly the blatant corruption and the failed financial insurance policies of the PF and in addition failure to achieve the grass roots and take have a significant message except “Bally will fix it” which is extra townish and sounds kwati niba exsay as in comparison to the slogan “More money in our pockets” that introduced within the patriot entrance

The greatest concern on the other hand to UPND benefitting from the protest vote is State Machinery. We all know what this beast can do. Secondly we dont know what the PF is making plans however am certain even a grade 1 or kindergarten pupil can really feel one thing is brewing within the PF camp. Trust me they wont simply relinquish energy. Also such things as on-line registration or the ECZ app lift severe eyebrows. The app asks in your location. What it method is that ECZ or any individual someplace tracks your motion and present location. That being mentioned they may be able to know who has been to a polling station and who has voted and now not voted. Simply put, any individual someplace can vote for you!!!!!

Truth learn UPND has executed poorly when it comes to mobilization, technique and a cast message. By now UPND will have to have followed applicants to permit other folks to begin figuring out them additionally as a result of adoption at all times results in department. Those now not followed both change into sour or defect or ditch the entirety. Enough time used to be wanted for therapeutic and reconciliation. This may impact UPND possibilities…

However the established order calls for alternate. We have truly lagged again as a Nation and struggling has larger beneath the deficient management of hos excellency Edgar Lungu….However many at the moment are wondering the capability of UPND to rule successfully in the event that they cant even plan and strategise now. How will they maintain governing which is a long way way more severe hectic and complex if arising with a method is tricky for them now?

Anyway regardless of the case 2021 guarantees to be extraordinarily thrilling. Grab your popcorn and get in a position for severe severe drama such as you by no means noticed earlier than. The handiest fear is it doesn’t take a prophet to look that 2021 will likely be very violent and bloody. People on each camps UPND and PF are determined for energy. However I put it again to you the Zambian studying this, you’ve got noticed what the previous 10 years had been beneath PF. From inheriting a fats coffer our reserves at the moment are empty. We at the moment are in debt of way over 20 billion bucks. Cost of residing has shot off the roof. Ask your self in case you are significantly prepared to undergo any other 5 to ten years of PF rule or its time to check out one thing else. After all if we in truth analyse issues, politicians are all thr identical, it’s similar to diapers in the event that they over keep they start to stint and will have to be modified. Personally I believe this diaper is stinting and its time for a recent one .. After all, not anything a lot adjustments, it’s the device that’s rotten and wishes a complete overhaul. Its simply time to switch whose in control of this rotten device and spot what he and his workforce can do for us…

I’d have ended this text with PF will have to pass however this can be a nuetral article

With Love

Comrade Mwaba Mutale