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Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper reveals his favourite SA restaurant


Cape Town – It is Day 2 of Comic Con Africa and Umbrella Academy and Black Sails actor has graced our laptop and phone screens as he discussed his love for South Africa, his roles and the fact that he can’t take full credit for Luthor’s ’physicalities’.

Comic Con Africa started on Thursday and will end on Sunday. It is completely free of charge and is jam-packed with all things pop culture.

In an interview with two of Comic Con’s MCs, he starts off by saying how much he loves South Africa and he loves the people. Hopper got well acquainted with our shores while filming the hit show ’Black Sails. Then he drops the bombshell.

“One of my favourite restaurants in the world is in Franchshoek.”

The MCs also wanted to teach him a thing or two about saying ’Yah neh.’ Hopper was taught the different contexts so we think it’s safe to say he can pull it off next time he comes to our beautiful country.

Hopper went in on his roles as Billy Bones in Black Sails as well as Luthor Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy. He added that the character development of Luthor was “deliberate”. So what about that body build?

“I can’t take any credit for the physicalities of Luthor. But what I can take credit for and what I had to concentrate on was my training.”

“We tried get me to bulk up a bit but it became an easier option to use a meat suit.”

Hopper said what he loves about the set is that there is no ego.

“We always want to give our A-game. We are always trying to make it better and work together. We try to make everyone else’s joke better instead of just our own. That sort of environment makes it better for everyone on set.”