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Trouble in paradise: Tayali’s Wife Returns To Ethopia

Chilufya Tayali Cheating on Wife


The Ethiopian empire was once known as Abyssinia. Ethiopia is the only sub-saharan African country that was never colonized.

Queen Sheba finally returns to the Great Ethiopian Empire with a precious Zambian gift…Kiya.

None of us have the right to judge what goes on in a private home, but since Tayali has no sense of privacy, we are all at liberty to comment.

This is my opinion: Sheba should start a new life in Abyssinia. In Zambia, she was relegated to a form of house-arrest during her entire stay here. Tayali didn’t want her to mix with mere mortals because he wanted to control every move she made [ A sign of male insecurity ]

Allowing Sheba to roam around unaccompanied and out from under the watchful jealous eye of Tayali, made him feel uncomfortable, because he knew she would be like a rabbit in an open field with a sky full of hungry eagles.

What will happen next?

Well, I don’t see Sheba returning to the Tayali- Facebook-Drama…What kind of wife would want to be subjected to such humiliation. Your husband basically praises his side chick and then paints you as a materialist money hungry wife?

Now that Sheba has gone…no doubt Tayali will be unblocked and the side chick will have free rein in the rent free house…but the truth is, when side chicks take center stage…they become unbearable. And side chicks are not into planting and selling lettuce.

Soon Tayali will be cheating on his side chick…elyo fikapena nomba.

Kosa Mune. I leave you with the words of Shalamar…”Second time around”