Trolls call for Doja Cat to come back home to SA for imbeleko after makeup-free pics go viral online

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She is not afraid to stand out from a crowd and she doesn’t behave like your typical A-List celebrity – which has some South Africans worried.

American musician and rapper Doja Cat, whose given name is Amala Zandile Dlamini (26), is one of the artists currently changing the music scene and taking the world by storm.The star is born to an American mother, Elizabeth Sawyer, and South African actor, Dumisani Dlamini.

The global star’s personality is flamboyant and goofy, and she is not your everyday celebrity, never shying away from speaking her mind and blurting out loud the most unexpected things.

It’s one of the many reasons South Africans adore her. And although her estranged relationship with her father has been the topic of much speculation after she told Whoopi Goldberg he’s not part of her life, she has acknowledged his existence, earning her many more sympathising fans locally.

Dumisani has often been heavily criticised for being an absent father. But this time it’s the more famous daughter who is getting the trolling after she recently posted numerous humorous pictures of herself not wearing makeup on social media.

Now some South Africans are jokingly saying she needs to come home to phahla and have imbeleko done for her.

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