Transgender Individual Jay Boogie Expresses Emotionally Over Unsuccessful BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Outcome

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Renowned Nigerian transgender figure Daniel Anthony Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, has made a heartfelt plea for assistance following complications from a botched Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Jay Boogie took to Instagram a week ago, expressing concern and urging accountability from the surgeon, Dinma of Curvy Girl Essentials Clinic, should any unfortunate incident occur.

In a recent Instagram live session with a Nigerian doctor, Loveth Jennifer, Jay Boogie revealed the dire financial strain caused by kidney damage sustained during the surgery. Lamenting the worsening of their condition and the financial struggles, Jay Boogie stated, “Nobody is donating funds anymore; my condition is getting worse, and all my life savings have been going on dialysis and diapers.”

Expressing deep concern about the potential impact on their life and career, Jay Boogie questioned how they would manage to support their siblings. The plea continued as Jay Boogie sought public assistance to cover mounting medical expenses in a statement shared on Friday.

The heartfelt message detailed the ongoing treatment undergone since November 1, involving dialysis and the treatment of sepsis, depleting their personal savings. Jay Boogie humbly requested financial aid for ongoing medical care crucial for recovery.

This call for support reflects the challenging situation faced by Jay Boogie, eliciting an appeal to the public for assistance in sustaining the necessary medical treatment and recovery process.

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