Top 5 Nollywood Actresses With Smoking Addiction

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Nollywood Actresses

Smoking, though it is an unhealthy and life-threatening practice is quite popular worldwide. In Nigeria, the habit is becoming rampant, especially among celebrities.

Female actresses, specifically, have increasingly resorted to what may seem as a distasteful act to some. These females actresses smoke either for fun or for escape.

Popular among smokers usually go for cannabis, cigarettes, and the new craze, shisha. In this article we will examine some popular female Nigerian actresses who participate in the act.

Angela Okorie

I am not surprised. Are you? It is quite evident that Angela is a diva and a boss at everything she does. Well seasoned into the industry with over a hundred films, I am not surprised that she tried smoking and still is enjoying the practice.

Cossy Orjiakor

The heavily endowed Nollywood actress is a heavy smoker who cannot do without smoking.

Bimbo Akintola

This popular actress has secured a name for herself in the film industry. She has made appearances in Owo Blow, Out of Bounds, and Husbands of Lagos. Among her talents, smoking has made its way onto the list. It has been rumored that because of smoking, the forty-seven year old was on the “singles” market for quite some time. If she continues, she might be left on the market for another decade, but for her sake, I hope someone comes along to accept for who she is or that she quits and settles down.

Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is a cool down to earth person who enjoys her smoke in the comfort of her home whenever she is stressed.

Uche Jombo

Actress, screen-writer, and film producer is just a few achievements Uche is popularly known for. Although we know that she smokes, she does so out of the public and her husband’s eye.

From the information gathered above, it seems to me that smoking is also linked to the time spent in the entertainment industry. Though it is an unhealthy practice, we have a clearer understanding as to why these females resort to smoking. I think it is safe to say, the longer you are in the entertainment industry, the more prone you are to experimenting. For many Nigerian celebrities, smoking is a way to escape the intense work load and to de-stress from the busy schedule at home and work.

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