Thickleeyonce’s Tinder Experience

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Thickleeyonce,Nasty C body Shame Thickleeyonce, Nasty C

Thickleeyonce, like many public figures, has had her fair share of failed attempts at finding love on dating apps.

The model and influencer recently revealed that she had joined Tinder, but later deleted her profile.

She said it was all fun and swiping until guys started asking her what a girl “like her” was doing on the app.Thickleeyonce

“I remember when I joined tinder and n****s were like, ‘Thickleeyonce is it really you? Wow, what’s a girl like you doing here’. I deleted it immediately. LMAO.”

Thickleeyonce said she created the profile because she was trying to shoot her shot at finding someone, like a friend had.

“My friend met her husband there, so I was ready to risk it all,” she joked.

But Tinder is now a thing of the past for the star, who said: “Lol this was years back. Been in a relationship for almost three years now.”



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