Thick Zari Hassan Shows off Property

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Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz

The gorgeous Businesswoman Zari Hassan is on holiday in Uganda and she took time to show off the property she acquired there. She shared with multiple pictures and videos. This bombshell is not only loaded with ‘body assets’ she is also collecting real estate. This is quite impressive.

Zari The Boss Lady
It’s not a bad life, just a hot day
In a series of videos, Zari shows off the mansion she hasn’t lived in for the better part of this year. In the parking lot there are posh rides with her name and her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga on the number plates. Zari revealed that growing up she did not have much and she grew up in a very small house. But now things have changed, she can now afford to have multiple properties to her name, which is her dream come true.Zari The Boss LadyIs this what they call getting sun kissed????‍♀️
Since the passing of her husband we not sure what the future holds romantically for this African Queen. We just watch the space but whoever the lucky guy will be he better be a King because only Kings can handle this Queen’s sizzling hotness. Here are the pictures for her new property.Zari
Feels good to be home +256????????????
Been few days but it is all worth it…. I Love you UGANDA
She also said this on her Instagram regarding her new home:
So much peace everytime I’m here. Like some kinda cleansing, like breathing different air, not sure if its knowing the ancestors are happy I’m here. Mehn, its something….. not sure what it is. It renews me????

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