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The UPND govt seems to be taking Zambians to Canaan – CCJP



By Richard Luo in Sinda

SINDA district Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace coordinator Bodmass Banda says the UPND government seems to be taking Zambians to a promised land of Canaan.

In an interview, Banda expressed satisfaction with President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech when he opened the First Session of the 13th National Assembly on Friday.

He said the speech cooled down the hearts of the people, who realised that their votes never went in vain.

He said Zambians experienced problems like Israelites had in Egypt but Moses took them to a promised land of Canaan.

He said this is the path the UPND government was taking.

“The speech was ok because he touched all major areas and to assure you people’s hearts were comforted with his speech. We are seeing something like when Israelites left Egypt to Canaan, so this UPND government seems to be taking us to Canaan from Egypt. It’s taking us to the land of manna” he stated.

Banda said if the UPND would manage to accomplish half of its promises then it would be ok because there was no government in the world that could achieve all its promises.

“What we can say is that sazakwanisa zonse koma half of it azakwanisa. We should expect that if they do it half then it will be ok,” he added.

He further called on opposition political parties never to feel lazy to provide checks and balances to the current government.

He said it was through their checks and balances that the current government would be able to understand governance.

“Let the opposition be free so that they become part and parcel of the governance. Let them not shrink back, when they see wrong things let them critisise. When they see good things, let them appreciate,” he advised.

He also warned the UPND government never to practice favouratism based on tribe and regionalism but treat all equally.

He reminded the party in power that Eastern Province which was regarded as the bedroom of the previous party gave the current government a lot of votes because they never looked at wako ni wako but to change government.

“Easterners were upset, all the past years we were behind but this time everywhere Lundazi, Chadiza, Chipata, Sinda all of us had seen that things were not ok so tenzetinakalipa and it was shown that there was no wako ni wako and even this time, we don’t want wako ni wako ngati munthu sacita bwino ninshi sacita bwino,” Banda said.

He added that Zambians made their decisions to change government a long time ago.

He cautioned the UPND to respect people and take note of their desires failure to which the same people would show them the exit door.