The Trucks I Own I Bought Through Bank-finance Say America2 Francis Muchemwa

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I wish to put it on record and at the same time dispel and warn all of those spreading false allegations against me to desist from doing so or face legal consequences.

I would like to inform the general public that there has been so much malice, misleading and defamatory reports making rounds on various social media platforms and being propagated by known individuals.

First of all, I do not own 6 trucks as falsely alleged but 2 whose value is US$62,000 each and not the exaggerated K2,000,000 being circulated. The trucks are owned by myself and the financing institution which actually appears as ABSOLUTE OWNERS on the white books while I appear as OWNER until I make the last instalment. I do pay for these trucks in instalments meaning it’s a facility anyone is free to access as long as they meet the conditions set by the financing institution. Further, you may wish to know that I haven’t even finished paying FAW on this purchase and the undesirable noisy and false allegations which have withdrawn the vehicles from operating will most likely result in me defaulting on the monthly installments and may consequently run me into breach of contract. Now in whose interest would all that be? I challenge all of you to kindly verify with FAW who happen to be the absolute owners of these trucks and take note of this in your records, please. I have always followed government regulations and would not want to have a negative history.

As for my lodge it’s amazing how low people could stoop just to concoct lies about someone. Honestly how naive and foolish can people be to think I can fail to build such a property on a 30X20 piece of land? Unfortunately the people who have made so much noise about these acquisitions are individuals who had more opportunities than I ever did but opted to drink and sleep in Chicagos and other luxurious apartments around Lusaka and the region at the expense of investing. I have in the last couple of years been working my lungs out to secure myself and my family and I’m sure that’s every man’s desire in life. I have engaged in various types of businesses over time just to survive and so it’s laughable how people think I can fail to save and build such a facility. I also do sell chickens among the so many other supplementary income generating activities.

The difference between me and many other youths is the fact that I’m a hardworking, focused family man and an experienced political mobilizer.

As I conclude let me also touch on the ever burning issue regarding the allegations of my involvement in the murder of Lawrence Banda in Kaoma. My hands are clean and so is my conscious over this matter and it’s very unfortunate that people can go to the highest lengths and depths to implicate me in a matter I know nothing about all out of hatred. I must set it right on record here that I own no weapon and I’ve never owned a gun. I don’t even know how to pull the trigger or operate one. It is for the same reasons that I appeal to all peace loving Zambians to dismiss these serious allegations with the contempt they deserve.

All I’ve said in this statement are facts that can be verified any day any time and I will gladly give a full account of my possessions. I do have a number of loans that I’m servicing from very reputable banking institutions to this day…

By the way, I’m a qualified Certified Chartered Accountant trained by a reputable institution of accountancy and so I’m not that typical none skilled dunderhead that most of you think of. I do have professional knowledge on business management and this you must fully understand and acknowledge.

It is also worth noting that Intercity bus terminus has always been a meeting point for political meetings and it’s also news to hear of the income loss at the facility but I have never been part of management neither have I worked for the Council to be privy to the internal issues. I have worked with Intercape as country Manager but never for the council.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the President elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and tell him to be weary of defectors to UPND. They are not trustworthy and they will lie a lot and destroy his presidency if left unchecked.

The UPND youths worked very hard to push their party into government and they should be the ones that should work hard and benefit from the immediate available party opportunities, not the opportunists who specialise in aligning themselves to all parties and presidents.

I remain a servant of the people and available to respond to any objective critics and not time wasters.

Signed and sealed
Francis Muchemwa

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