The Things Zari endured while married to Diamond Platnumz

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Though it did not take us by surprise, we still, however, can not believe it ended. It has been Barely three days after Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz, and their fans are yet to come to terms with the fact that the two are no longer an item. Some are still speculating that this is a publicity stunt and the once upon a time power couple will be back together hopefully.

Well, we’ve compiled a list of 8 times Diamond Platnumz embarrassed Zari when they were still together and here are the things Zari endured before their marriage hit rock bottom.

zari diamond

  1. Disrespect

Diamond Platnumz never respected Zari at all.

2. Speaking broken English

Zari aka the boss lady is a classy woman who speaks fluent English, as do her children. But Zari had no option but to endure the embarrassment caused by Diamond Platnumz, who on several occasions murdered the queen’s language.

Do you remember this?

3. Travelling alone

The two parents were staying in different cities and most of the times, Diamond Platnumz would transverse the globe without Zari. Unlike many power couples who attend events and official functions together, the Tanzanian crooner would always travel alone whether on official duty or not, leaving behind his wife to take care of their children. Have you seen a Head of State travel alone without their wife?

zari diamond

4. Cheating
A year after marrying, Diamond Platnumz made headlines for all the controversial reasons. He started cheating on Zari with several women including his dancers and city socialites, the likes of Tunda and Hamisa. Women would come forward and reveal that they’re in a relationship with the singer.

5. Bedding another woman in their matrimonial bed

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In October 2016 after releasing his hit song Salome which features Hamisa as one of the vixens, Diamond Platnumz bedded the socialite in their matrimonial home while Zari was in South Africa. This forced the mother of five to travel to Tanzania where she found earrings left behind by Hamisa maybe to prove to her that she was indeed sharing her husband with someone else. ALSO READ: Dodgey Names Cheating Partners Save Numbers

6. Dancing suggestively with female fans

Dancing is part of the performance but at times, Diamond Platnumz went extremely far and during his music tours, he was pictured dancing suggestively with women on stage.

zari diamond

7. Getting a child out of wedlock

Diamond Platnumz sired a child with socialite Hamisa Mobeto while he was still married to Zari. His second-born Prince Nillan and Hamisa’s son are pretty close in age ( two years old).

8. Lying in public

He lied on national TV that he wasn’t the father of Haimsa’s child until the socialite shared nude photos of them in bed together.

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