The shades of AKA Mzansi met in 2020

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Whether he’s your cup of tea or not, there’s no denying that AKA is a master entertainer, with or without music, and the content he’s dished the past three months alone is all the proof you need.

The Supa Mega is talented, but more than that he’s one of the most entertaining media personalities Mzansi has… in fact a reality TV show wouldn’t be a bad idea at all for him. But since he ain’t there (yet), the Megacy keeps it locked to his social media for updates about his life.

But luckily for fans … when he’s in the mood … AKA’s socials are a gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t take our word for it, just check out these times AKA left the whole country either shook, enraged, excited or just here for all the tea he serves!

There’s an AKA for every type of fan.

The ‘crazy in love’ AKA

This AKA is the most fun. In love AKA is forever in a “happy, let’s show off our love” mood. He’s a vibe! – “Get yourself a 21-year-old” – AKA

The ‘I’ll knock your teeth out’ AKA, also known as ‘Punisher, finisher…’

This AKA has no visible Fs to give. This is the AKA you don’t wanna mess with… – AKA Challenges Cassper to a Boxing match

The ‘let bygones be bygones’ AKA

After what seemed like a “write off” type of beef with former friend and Nigerian artist Burna Boy, the megacy was sure that the pair would never reconcile. But AKA is a unpredictable guy, so he did the unexpected and defended Burna when he lost a Grammy and the net was trolling him. – AKA on Burnaboy Grammy loss

The ‘No Ciroc’ AKA

You may call it petty but AKA is real about who he don’t vibe with. If u are enemies he does not entertain what you stand for – AKA Refuses to drink the cassper endorsed ciroc

AKA may be a handful sometimes, but if you really think about it … you miss him when he ain’t here!

Don’t even try to deny it

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