The Seer, the Lord of the Rings and “The black list”

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What started as an ordinary Sunday service in Seer 1’s Church escalated into the prophet announcing that he was angered by the situation in Zambia, with the widespread ritual murders in Chingola.

The Seer went ahead to state that there are Honorable Minister’s, Members of Parliament and even Mayors in Zambia who got “power” from him to enable them to win elections and maintain authority. The service took a dramatic turn of events when he announced that the PF  Honorable’s who got power from him should return it within 20 days!! he said he did not want phone calls or messages, he urged them to travel to South Africa within 20 days or else they would be met with Certain death.

this statement which was captured on video quickly circulated all social media sites and caused in uproar in Zambia. The statement by Seer 1 raised a lot of questions many of which resonated in the lines of whether the “power” that Seer 1 wanted to be returned was the power of God or power of a sinister nature.

The questions and confusion were all addressed during a live interview conducted by Diamond TV Zambia. The interview turned bizarre when he agreed to being in possession of power that existed long before Jesus walked the earth, he further talked about possessing powers from the godfather. His utterances left the masses shocked and in disbelief because it inferred that he had witchcraft powers and not power as everyone had initially thought.

Seer 1 speaks boldly and confidently stating that he is the reason behind Zambia’s suffering, he says he helped the PF Government to win the elections. He boldly states that it is he that gave them the power to win the elections, which begs the question once again of whether he is a true prophet of God or if he is what the Bible warned us would happen in the end times.

His rantings have the potential to destabilize the faith of believers in the nation and sadly there is nothing that can be done. He has followers who believe every word he tells them. This guy self confessed to turning paper into money and his response when asked whether his powers were witchcraft powers or not,

he says the term witchcraft is something the white people created to make it look bad. There is a whole media frenzy as people have started the count down to 20 days,before the Patriotic front Honorable’s who collected “things” from Seer 1 start dying.

There is a widespread manhunt on Facebook for who these members of parliament and ministers are. A known site pointed out Ministers and Members of parliament who seem to own and wear similar designed black onyx rings as being the “things” that Seer 1 demands they return. Names were mentioned by the general public and Chilufya Tayali was briefly believed to have been tasked with exposing “the list”.

Chilufya Tayali later shared a live video pledging his allegiance to acquaintances whom he was well aware were on the list but says he would never out them to the general public.

As things stand, the plot keeps thickening and the people keep hailing whatever new details come out. so let’s wait with baited breath for both the death day and the day he releases the list of names for all those involved


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