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The Queen Mzansi: Is Skhali Boyfriend Goals?

The Queen Mzansi, The Queen

The Queen Mzansi recently welcomed a new addition to its police force Georginia Zulu portrayed by Sibusiswe Jili.

Since Georgina’s arrival viewers have seen her going through the most all because of black tax. With a mother like Petronella who loves money, poor Georgina found herself having to turn a loan shark to get the money her mother wanted to finish off her house.

Unfortunately, this all landed the slay queen cop in a situation at work as she was forced to get a second job in order to pay off her debt from loan shark Skhali, this landed poor Gigi in trouble at work and forced her to make up numerous stories to cover up her double life.

Gigi then created a fake boyfriend but that didn’t stop Vuyiswa from being suspicious, long story short Skhali has gone from being a fake boyfriend to an almost real boyfriend.

The loan shark has been on a roll trying to get Gigi’s heart from bringing her flowers, taking her on dates, and helping her catch criminals and it seems he might be winning her over.

Georgina seems to be catching feelings for the man who she said was not her type, could this be love.