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The Queen Mzansi: Inside Siyanda & Kagiso Wedding

The Queen Mzansi, Siyanda & Kagiso Wedding

All eyes were glued to Mzansi Magic’s award-winning Telenova The Queen Mzansi this past Friday evening as it was Kagiso, Loyiso MacDonald, and Siyanda, Cindy Mahlangu’ much-anticipated white-wedding.

Although not the ideal wedding as it was rushed and the only thing keeping the couple together was a baby who was no longer there. It was still exciting, after all, we love a wedding.

After failed attempts to get Kagiso to sleep with her so that she can fall pregnant again, Siyanda’s dream day finally came. She hoped that things would get better after her best-friend Schumacher gave her a potion that could help to get Kagiso to sleep with her, under a very strict command though. She had to only pour one-droplet in his drink, nothing less and most importantly nothing more.

As the hour got nearer Kagiso got cold feet and started drinking to ease the nerves. Siyanda offered him a drink but mistakenly pored way more than the recommended dosage from Schumacher.

This knocked the groom out as he could hardly keep his eyes open when it was time to say their vows. Dingane and Brutus had to hold him so that he doesn’t fall.

The Bride couldn’t take any more of the embarrassment and ran back to her room after being reduced to tears. And just when things couldn’t get any worse for her Kagiso’s ex Goodness walks in and pulls the trigger on her.

The wedding ended in the worst way possible as the Khoza’s had to watch the bride leave the venue in an ambulance.

This episode could’ve marked Cindy Mahlangu’s exit from The Queen following her tweet after the show. “What a beautiful journey… Forever Grateful.”