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Many have known Iris Kaingu to be the privileged girl who rose to fame because of a S.E.X Tape. That one mistake has haunted her for many years, but like any fighter would, she made lemonade from the lemons life handed her. Being one of the premium socialites in Zambia she is doing the most she has taken it to heart to start a Foundation called the Iris Kaingu Foundation, to make the world a better place aimed at helping women, children and the needy.

Iris Kaingu has shared her charity work endeavors on social media.

First day first visit was to the Home for seniors. 20 men and women living together as a family. Most of them have been brought here by their various communities. The facility is well ran by Colonial Chalwe. He and his team give care to our seniors daily. The amount of wisdom and love was so overwhelmingly beautiful for all of us there. Please make sure to contribute to the foundation in order to help our parents.

Day 1: – Psychiatric Ward

Alcohol Abuse is one of the lead causes of mental illness in Zambia. Mental Health is an area of Health that is hardly highlighted. Having visited the institution we realize that all we need to do is put our heads together to see how to help communities in sensitizing youth on substance abuse, alcohol abuse, stress and bipolar disorder as some of the lead conditions. Please try as much as possible to have UBUNTU you are your Neighbour’s keeper. Let’s stay healthy together ♥️- IKIris Kaingu

Day 2- Singongo Juvenile Facility
Youth are the future. Behind the camera to protect the privacy of the young boys the youngest being 13yrs of age, I had the privilege of meeting 20 juveniles in the facility. To error is human, these children ministered to my team and we were encouraged. May God make their lives better they are the future. #balesawamakayonse ????????

Iris Kaingu

Finally Opened my Donation box – the Choma Chapter.
Thank you so much for donating. Your efforts are not in vain. Everyday the donations grow. I’m so humbled by how much people give. May God bless your giving hands and may he increase you and the work of your hands.
Lots of love!
Iris Kaingu Foundation ❤️????????❤️

Iris Kaingu

Well, of course, it can not be all work no play with Iris Kaingu. After the charity work it is time to be turnt up.

Iris Kaingu
Cinderella …. before Tequila ????


Today she has already left for Chibombo to do more Charity work with her squad.

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