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The Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner’s Midas Touch

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Kylie Jenner‘s Midas Touch… Sales fired up like magic… Kylie Jenner’s probably a muse for tons of individuals. Still, one creative artist is particularly feeling her influence as he watches his sales skyrocket … all because she wore a Muse hoodie.

Here’s what happened — the cosmetics mogul wore a hoodie made by Muse Clothing during a recent YouTube video to market her new Summer Sailor Collection.

Muse may be a streetwear brand created by Antony Muse, who tells TMZ the hoodie Kylie wore within the vid was one-of-a-kind … and he has no idea how she got it.

Antony says he’s never spoken to Kylie or her team or sent her any of his work, so he was stunned when he acknowledged she wore his clothing … stunned and elated.
He tells us Kylie randomly wearing his hoodie is “similar to what i feel would happen if I won the lottery,” adding it seems surreal.

Beyond the thrill … a serious boost to his bottom line. Antony says his DMs immediately began berating over the hoodie, so he’s re-releasing it.
And, get this — he says within the first 24 hours after Kylie posted the video, his brand’s sales have surpassed any day since the corporate launched in 2017. Sales increased by 10 fold over a typical day.

Antony’s singing Kylie’s praises, saying … “Although it’s going to appear to be a little thing for her to only placed on a hoodie, her post might be the difference between a smaller artist like myself having to travel back to waiting tables and having the ability to still grow and live off of my art. Now that’s some severe influence.