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The Kaingu sisters curse: Another S.e.x tape, Lungowe Kaingu


Often times in the African culture, once an elder sister makes a mistake the younger ones almost always follow suit. Iris Kaingu’s s.e.xtape may have been what shoot her to fame but she has long since moved on from that as she now focuses on her Iris Kaingu Foundation.

However her mistakes seem to now be haunting her younger sisters. It wasn’t long ago since Namatama Kaingu went nude on camera and though some condemned her, some defended her saying the video wasnt s.e.xual it was just girls having fun.

Now another Kaingu sister is making headlines on social media Lungowe Kaingu. Another s.e.xtape video has been released on social media alleged to be a video of Lungowe Kaingu.

Is it another stance to shoot a shot at fame from another Kaingu Sister. Honestly we do not know, what we do know is the Zambian Pop Culture is obsessed with the Kaingu sisters.

The Lungowe Kaingu s.e.xtape has many sold that it’s her but a few believe it’s just a look-alike. We will let you judge.