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The Gist On Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala Split

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala Split

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala Split caught all of us off guard, it somewhat unprecedented within the Mzansi Celebs circles.

It was just valentines when all tweeps thought Thami Ndlala made other men seem like lesser men considering how he spoiled Lerato on this year’s Valentines. Well, guess if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Following the announcement of the separation, allegations of fraud have been levelled against Lerato’s husband on social media, with speculation high about the reason behind the split.

Notorious Twitter parody account Man’s Not Barry Roux, (@AdvBarryRoux), dropped some hectic files about the couple’s split. According to the controversial tweeter, Thami is allegedly a fraudster, he allegedly defrauded numerous retired people of their investments, claiming he would make a lot of money for them through his Forex trading company.

Man’s Not Barry Roux, also went on to claim that the couple were married in community of property and Thami does not have any property and allegedly has 2 South African IDs

The Metro FM personality has since clapped back at the allegations on social media and told tweeps not to make conclusions based on social media gossip.

Thami has no social media accounts, so he has shed light on the allegations in an interview with City Press, he confirmed the split and also spoke on the allegations levelled against him.

The businessman told the publication that there was “no infidelity” and the decision to part ways “mutual”.

Speaking on the allegations of him being an alleged fraudster and conman, Thami said these are attempts to slander his name.

“These allegations are devoid of all truth. I find it curious that people wish to remain anonymous. It seems to me like a further attempt to slander my good name. There are legal procedures available to all citizens if they feel money is due to them.

“No such legal documentation had been served on me. This seems like a failed attempt to litigate and the media has become a forum for such litigation for the cowardly faceless who seek popularity,” he said.

As to whether he owns that Sandhurst mansion, the one President Cyril Ramaphosa’s motorcade passes, Thami let reiterated that it’s no body’s business really.

“I will not deign to answer such false allegations. We have a functioning justice system in place that deals with such and I trust the system in place for everyone to enjoy. My residence ownership is not of anyone’s interest except for those that seek relevance and enjoy expired firecrackers.”

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