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THE ELECTIONS OF 2021 ARE A Scam, Sishuwa Sishuwa

According to estimates in the latest Voter’s Registry, historian Sishuwa Sishuwa claims this year’s general election is a sham.

According to new figures released by the Zambian Electoral Commission on Thursday, the number of registered voters in the Southern, North-Western, and Western provinces, which are considered opposition strongholds, has decreased drastically.

Southern Province had 810,077 registered voters in 2016, but that number has fallen to 778,099 this year, a decrease of 31,978. In 2016, North-Western Province had 400,575 registered voters, but that number has fallen to 384,453, a difference of 16,122.

And although Western Province had 498,915 voters in 2016, it only had 447,143 this year, a reduction of 51,772.

Dr. Sishuwa, a lecturer at the University of Zambia, was perplexed as to why the number of registered voters has declined in almost all provinces thought to be strongholds of the opposition.

The Copperbelt, which had 1,034,548 registered voters in 2016, has fallen to 1,023,223 voters, a decline of 11,325. The number of registered voters has increased dramatically in the provinces that are considered to be PF strongholds.

Eastern Province’s population rose by 120,334 from 775,889 in 2016 to 896,213 this year.

This year, Muchinga has 401,542 residents, up from 349,231 in 2016, a 52,311 rise.

The number of people in Central Province rose by 24,513 from 642,127 in 2016 to 666,640 this year.


The number of registered voters in Luapula has risen to 562,230 this year, up from 510,467 in 2016, reflecting a 51,763 increase.

Northern has also seen a large rise in eligible voters, rising from 557,225 in 2016 to 600,859 in 2017, a gap of 43,634.

Dr. Sishuwa expressed concern in a tweet on Thursday that the figures had been inflated in perceived PF strongholds while being reduced in perceived opposition strongholds.

“Before the 12 August General Election, here is a comparison of #Zambia’s voter rolls from 2021 and 2016.” (see attachment). Notice that the number of voters has been inflated in provinces where the ruling party is predicted to win and decreased in opposition strongholds. It’s a fake election!” Dr. Sishuwa sent out a tweet. “Copperbelt, too, has seen a decline rather than a rise. See the corrected image below, along with a link to my September alert that Lungu was preparing to build a new voter list in order to remain in control. It’s important to put pressure on the Electoral Commission to conduct an independent audit of the new Voters’ Register. The elections are the voter registrations!”

Some of his supporters responded to the figures as well.

“Zambia should demand the withdrawal of some characters from the ECZ leadership,” BobbyM tweeted. The democratic process’ legitimacy and reputation are in jeopardy.”

“Interesting things are happening in our country,” Douty Chibamba said. “Incredible!”

“This is already a rigged register,” The Equalizer tweeted.

“The greens’ strongholds are greener and thriving, while the reds’ strongholds are “redier” (if there is such a word) and dying,” Phillip observed.

“A desperate man is a dangerous man [not] to himself but to the nation,” Sikalele Xulu tweeted. Lungu is doing everything he can to stay in control. Instead of struggling, he now tries to put the whole country down with a relative bill of number ten. “Bill on Cybersecurity.”