The breakdown of #Lockdown S5 Episode 8-9

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Lockdown S5 episode 8 and 9 finally hit our screens yesterday and the first episode proved to be just as pulsating as we expected. Since its debut, the drama series has received standing ovations and impressive reviews from its die-hard fans. The story-line is undoubtedly fresh, authentic and engaging and it constantly has viewers on the edge of their seats.
It is no secret that Lockdown is one of the most intense and riveting series currently streaming on our screens. The dramatic cliffhangers and plot twists have set the bar high and captured the hearts of Mzansi.
Set in the grim prison yards of Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Facility, Lockdown explores the daily battles of female inmates who find themselves in trouble every week.
This week the story-line kicked off with a bang after last week’s roller-coaster ride where we saw the Commissioner being assaulted. The most common question on everyone’s lips was if Siyanda would be held accountable for the mayhem and trouble caused?

Sit down and relax because we have the tea for you on what unfolded at Thabazimbi this week.

Tyson and Mazet have buried the hatchet.
The two prison bullies who are running Thabazimbi stepped it up on episode 8 and we think they deserve an Emmy and a standing ovation for their performances!
As episode 8 premiered all hell broke loose with Mazet wanting to kill Tyson with a chair – she was stopped by the Doctor who gave her an injection to calm her down.

Mazet and Tyson are then admitted Kgotsong Asylum to receive some medical attention – after being released from Kgotsong they call a truce.

Their focus is to now save Nkuli from kiling Marlon and Tyson meets with Marlon in an attempt to convince him not to – to no avail. Both Tyson and Mazet are both devastated by the realisation that it is too late to save Nkuli.

Governer Deborah and Palesa are crafting a plan to get rid of  Siyanda.
The intimidating governer at Thabazimbi is shaking things up in episode 8-9. Cold-hearted and ready for revenge, her ruthless dominance leads to some unpredictable behavior.
Siyanda is blaming Deborah for all the mayhem that transpired at Thabazimbi – whilst Deborah is still in pain after being tortured by Magwaza.

Governer Deborah has a new visitor – Palesa, who lets the cat out of the bag about being married to Siyanda. Palesa reveals that Siyanda got her a job at Kgotsong just to get rid of her and –  after losing everything – she is now ready for her revenge.

Palesa tells Deborah that they should team up to get rid of Siyanda. Their plan is well underway as Deborah takes Siyanda to Thabazimbi’s medical center, Siyanda is not impressed because he thinks that they are going for a pregnancy check-up, but instead he gets the shock of his life as he finds out that Deborah has employed Palesa in the hospital wing.
Deborah convinces Siyanda that if the commissioner pays a visit at Thabazimbi and hell breaks loose, he will be admitted at Thabazimbi and Palesa will kill him.
Deborah promises Palesa that if she executes the plan well, she will give Palesa full control of the medical wing at Thabazimbi. Will their plan succeed this time around?

Deborah is informed by Monde that Siyanda is sleeping with Palesa –  A fuming Deborah plans to torture Monde who now knows too much about her relationship with Siyanda.

Trouble in paradise for lovebirds Vicky and Monde.
Monde is reeling in pain and is devastated after seeing her sister Katlego at Kgotsong.  Monde tells Vicky of how miserable Katlego is – and an angry Vicky accuses Monde of always focusing on her sister and personal issues and not giving their relationship some much-needed attention.

The couple eventually make up – but then Monde goes missing – as she is taken to the hole by a prison guard at Deborah’s command. Vicky hears the news from Magwaza that Monde is being tortured, and is left stressed and concerned about Monde’s wellbeing.

Slender and Maki Magwaza are feeling lonely.
In an emotionally charged scene, Slender takes a drastic decision to finally get rid of Thuli and sets her alight while sobbing and crying.

Maki is taken to the chamber by the guards and while being tortured Deborah shows up to talk to her. A revelations is made that Maki killed Deborah’s child – a a baby girl. This left us all shook!!

After running around the prison looking for Mazet, Slender finally finds her and tells her that she killed Thuli because she wanted to fix things between them – Mazet, however, has her focus on making things right with Tyson who can help her save her daughter!

An ending full of cliffhangers and plot twists meaning the countdown to the next episode has officially begun!

Lockdown is exclusively airing on Showmax (having previously aired on Mzansi Magic).

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