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The Audacity: Man Steals His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring To Propose To Side Chick

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Some people can cross all boundaries and do the unthinkable just to impress their lovers. Such is that the case of a Florida man who stole the ring from one among his girlfriends then used an equivalent ring to propose to his other girlfriend.

48-year-old Joseph Davis is imagined to have robbed and cheated on two of his girlfriends (name not supplied) before he went into hiding last week.

This comes after the 2 women he had dated for years acknowledged about one another on social media and learned both that that they had been lied to and robbed.

According to the ny Post, Joseph Davis met the victims on the dating app OkCupid in 2015 and 2016 and gave each of them a special fake name, “Joe Brown” and “Marcus Brown.

The matter only came to light after one among the victims discovered last month through Facebook that her boyfriend of several years was actually engaged to a different woman.

The Orange City victim searched her boyfriend’s fiancée’s Facebook page and noticed a photograph of her wearing a marriage band and ring that was just like one she had from a previous marriage.

The woman went on to see her jewelry box and she or he got the shock of her life when she realized that her rings and a number of other other items were missing, confirming that her boyfriend had stolen from her and used her own jewelry to propose to a different woman.

The stolen items, which also included a diamond ring that belonged to her grandmother, were worth nearly $6,300.

The other woman from Orlando wasn’t so fortunate too as Davis also stole her laptop and a few of her own jewelry.

Meanwhile, Davis went on the run last week after the 2 women confronted him and filed a report at Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Police preliminary investigations revealed that Davis may be a wanted man with felony convictions in Oregon and North Carolina and a lively bench warrant out of Oregon for a hit-and-run crash with injuries.

His record includes arrests for possession of a fictitious ID, filing a false police report, domestic assault, and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

The police have since issued a warrant of arrest for him and are appealing to anyone who may need information about his whereabouts to contact them.