Teen model with Down syndrome gets world’s attention as one of new faces for Gucci Beauty

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Teen Model Down Syndrome, Ellie Goldstein, Gucci

Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model, from London, has all eyes on her since joining the campaign for Gucci Beauty.

In an interview with Vogue, Goldstein, who was born with Down syndrome, said she has never let her condition get in the way of her dreams.

“It feels so amazing and fabulous to be part of the Gucci Beauty campaign. I feel so proud of myself, especially to have been chosen for this. When I look at the images, I feel happy with myself, and all the likes and comments on social media across the world have been overwhelming,” she told the glossy.

On some of the challenges she’s faced, Goldstein said: “I haven’t had any bad experiences having Down syndrome. I think it’s because of my personality. The only challenge I have faced was maybe people signing to me and talking to my mum instead of me, until realising that I can communicate and that I am just like them, maybe just slower at learning some things.”


Goldstein started modelling when she was 15 and bagging a campaign with such a luxurious brand is a dream come true as she always loved beauty. She explained how she always feels beautiful, especially when in the media, offered to model, or when she’s wearing lovely makeup.

Recalling the first time she wore makeup, Goldstein said: “I enjoy makeup. I use it lightly as I think it’s nicer on me, as I have a pale complexion. My earliest beauty memory was when my sister Amy used to put makeup on me when I was two years old [and] she was 10.”

Goldstein’s dream is to be a world-famous model and be on the cover of top magazines.

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