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Tee Xaba And Thuthuka Mthembu On Uzalo’s Upcoming Wedding

Tee Xaba And Thuthuka Mthembu, Uzalo
Uzalo’s much-anticipated wedding is promising to be entertainment galore with the drama, beauty of the brides (yes brides), and their wedding dresses.
Actresses Tee Xaba and Thuthuka Mthembu who play the parts Sphilile and Nonka respectively are spilling the beans on what viewers can expect from their wedding episodes with Sbonelo played by Wiseman Mncube.

What is an Uzalo wedding without the drama and the beauty that comes with the matrimonial event? This is not the first wedding where there are two dashing brides who have nothing but hatred for each other.

Sphilile and Nonka reluctantly agreed to marry the man they both love and Tee Xaba told JustNje that ‘love will conquer all.’

Sphilile said that viewers should brace themselves for the twists and turns that will take place and to expect the unexpected.

The two actresses took to Instagram live to discuss the polygamous marriage that their characters are about to embark on saying that Nonkanyiso has no experience with dating however she has accepted her first love’s proposal even under unfavorable circumstances.

Hyping their wedding, they convinced fans that apart from the drama there will be some moments filled with excitement.

The wedding special, will air on Tuesday, 14 July and Wednesday the 15th on SABC 1.

Here is a snippet of the wedding looks from the brides