Home Entertainment News Teary DMX Speak of Multiple Personalities, “Earl, X & DMX.”

Teary DMX Speak of Multiple Personalities, “Earl, X & DMX.”

Teary DMX Speak of Multiple Personalities, Earl, X & DMX

DMX broke down in tears as he reflected on his inner struggles, together with his multiple personalities.

In the late ’90s, Ruff Ryders was doing brilliant work with producers like Swizz Beats and Irv Gotti and rappers like Eve and DMX. While everyone’s contribution to the collective was outstanding, DMX’s fame and talent quickly propelled him to the highest of Billboard charts, and soon, he was seen because of the pack leader.

X became documented for his philanthropy, and he would refund to his people with rather handsome donations. Meanwhile, the rapper was fighting his demons and recovering from his childhood trauma. DMX, who suffered physical abuse from his mother and her boyfriends as a toddler, grew up to battle addiction to drugs and alcohol and has had stints in jail the maximum amount as rehabilitation centers.

BET released a replacement special on the rapper and his Ruff Ryders journey back within the day. During the documentary feature dubbed Ruff Ryders Chronicles, X, who also reportedly suffers from manic depression, became emotional when discussing the opposite personalities he developed over time. He was asked if there have been sides of himself that helped protect him, to which he immediately responded, “Yes.”
“They’re different things… There’s a couple of things, a couple of people in me and that they get me through life,” the rapper said about his different personalities helping him cope. He then became less willing to share when asked what he would want people to understand these varying characters, “I wouldn’t want anyone to understand anything,” he explained. “I don’t mention them.”

DMX’s ex-wide Tashera Simmons offered more insight when she gave a quick synopsis of every personality. “Earl is that the child would be before his dad left and his mom just didn’t skills to handle him,” she explained. “X was created to guard Earl, to require on all the trauma of his childhood – he’s the angry one. DMX is that the entertainer, he’s another protector of Earl but such a lot nicer.”

The multi-Platinum-selling rapper broke down in tears as he vaguely explained his thoughts on the inspiration behind these characters. “They’re there to urge me through life,” said DMX. “I don’t know if I made ’em or if God gave ’em to me, or even circumstances and situations did.”

DMX’s struggle with addiction and psychological state is well documented. Recently, the rapper has become more invested in his faith. He even participated in one among Kanye West’s Sunday Service ceremonies.earlier this year, speaking a word of prayer over the congregation.