Tanasha Donna angered by Diamond’s “pretentious” decision to empower women

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Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnum,

Diamond Platnumz preached about the need to empower women and help them reach their potential. When Tanasha Donna saw this, she was angered and quickly penned a rant calling out fake men who pretend to be nice.

According to her, she was sickened by waste men who pretended to be allies of the cause but secretly did the opposite of what they preached Tanasha Donna has had enough of her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz acting like he supports women’s hustle and hard work. The embittered mother of one flew off the rails when she noticed her baby daddy empowering his new signee Zuchu on his Instagram post.


In a case of post and delete, the Kenyan beauty referred to her son’s father as a waste man and fake for acting like he was a champion for women’s rights. To her, it did not make sense for such men to live double lives and act like they were nice and supportive.


The angry baby mama referred to Diamond as a waste man in a subtle jab against his Instagram post. She said it made her sick to see him preaching water and drinking wine. “It makes me sick to see waste men preaching women empowerment. Fake always gets exposed eventually. Like fake bags, fake jewelry, it will last a couple of days, maybe weeks or months but eventually, everyone can see it is fake,” she wrote.


Tanasha had previously stated Diamond tried to get her to drop her music career and focus on being a housewife and home maker. The mother of one added that she always supported his career but he had expectations she could not meet. The 24-year-old said their relationship was doomed and for six months she desperately tried to mend the broken pieces.


Tanasha was unsuccessful and everything she put into the relationship was disregarded and thrown to the dumps. The single mum said she wanted a happy environment for her son and a chance to thrive in the music industry. Therefore, she was not willing to be a “kept” woman who stays home and waits to be provided for.


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