Talk to your children, mother of sodomised boy tells other parents

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Talk to your children, mother of sodomised boy tells other parents
A HARROWING 15-minute voice note of a distressed mother giving chilling details of how her six-year old son has been repeatedly sodomised by fellow juveniles has emerged on social media and shocked many.
Without identifying herself, the sorrowful mother talks about how she noticed change in the behavior of her bundle of joy before she discovered him and his best friend had been victims of sodomy from four boys aged between 11 and 13 in her neighborhood.
The woman said she first got a shock when she stumbled upon her son and his best friend engaging in gay sex.
After interrogating him, the woman learnt that her son and friend were merely repeating what had been done to them by some older boys in the neighborhood.
She said her son revealed that he had been sodomised in different places by the same boys numerous times.
After engaging parents of the boys accused of the abominable act, it was resolved that the juveniles undergo counseling at the Victim Support Unit of the Zambia Police.
Once at the police, the accused boys confessed of their acts and said they had lost count of how many times they had sodomised their six-year old victim.
“…these two boys gave graphic details about what they had been doing to my son and it was a painful thing, they said they could not count the times that they have been sodomising my son,” she said in a cracking voice.
According to her, the father two of the accused juveniles knew about his sons’ actions but did nothing to stop it or discipline them over the issue.
“This thing is so painful, When I look at my son I feel so helpless like I have failed him. When I am alone like this, the pain just comes back, I am so heartbroken, I don’t know how I can do to help my son, she said.
“I can only pray for him that, that spirit, that demon should not continue in his life”.
In the same audio, she urged other parents to take care of their children, to pray for them because there was a lot happening right under their noses.
“Talk to them and find out what happening to them,” she urged.
She appealed for help in form of counselling or suggestions of how she could deal with her situation as well as funds to help her son to undergo thorough medical examinations.
The woman’s revelations bring to the fore the dangers that children face once they are out of the sight of their parents or guardians.

By Mwiche Nalwimba

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