Switched At Birth:Bonolo Is Tenda’s Sister.

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Switched At Birth

It sounds unrealistic and pretty unbelievable that Nozi Langa who plays the character of Bonolo is Tenda’s sister. But it makes sense now why Tenda’s current sister, Didi doesn’t look like Tenda at all.

More than twenty years ago Mr.Mudau and his wife brought home a little girl.

It was a long taxi ride, about 40 kilometres on dirt roads, from Polokwane Hospital to Thate village.

Bonolo is Tenda's sister.

It is alleged that a nurse made a mistake with the name tags when the girls were in the nursery. Neither family know anything is wrong. But the truth will soon be discovered as Tenda is going to get into an accident and his only sibling can’t donate blood because they don’t share the same blood type, and they’re not even related.

Bonolo is going to fall in love with Tenda and since she shares the same blood type, she will donate and find out she’s actually his sister. After Tenda recovers he will want to get to the bottom of everything and sue the hospital for what they did to his sisters.

He regards Didi as his sister even though they are not biologically related, and he’ll have to end his relationship with Bonolo right away. Notice how Tenda and Bonolo got along so well on their first meeting and how they both wanted to punish Didi for setting them up?

Ramasha’s ex-wife, who used to be a nurse is the one who messed up; by switching the girls years ago. That was the reason she was fired at the hospital. She confessed to the switch to her Doctor boyfriend, who blackmailed her until she resigned.

She knows the Mudau’s will one day discover her grave mistake, and she’ll end up in prison and lose her license.

The girls met at Varsity and hit it off as friends but their connection goes way far, they were born on the same day, same time to different parents.

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