SURRENDER YOUR DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT…until ConCourt considers your case, Regina advises Bowman.

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The boasting of senior PF members like as Bowman Lusambo is causing so much pain to Zambians that it may be impossible to forgive them, according to Regina Musokotwane.

She has subsequently asked Lusambo and other PF members of parliament whose seats were annulled by the High Court to surrender their diplomatic passports until the Constitutional Court rules on their case.

Musokotwane, a former Katombora UPND legislator, pleaded with the PF to repent.

“Zambians are dissatisfied with the way they (PF) are behaving right now.” They have no remorse. And they’re gloating about how much money they have. ‘I still have a diplomatic passport,’ says Lusambo. I can go to any vacation spot in the world that I can afford!’ Just take a look at that. Is this individual paying attention to what Zambians have to say? No, he is not. “He’s in his own world,” she explained to The Mast. “They should repent and apologize, and Zambians may forgive them.” However, given the rate they are going, even if they return the money, they may end themselves in jail. They should be humbled in front of Zambians. They have caused us so much pain, and it will be impossible for us to forget what they have done to us because their boasting still pains us.”

Musokotwane has since urged Lusambo and other PF members of parliament whose seats have been revoked to hand up their diplomatic passports until the Constitutional Court hears their case.

She urged former PF government ministers and other leaders to return the money they stole if they wanted to be pardoned.

“As a Christian, I would consider punishing them or letting them go if they returned what they took.” But, for the most part, I would let them go and tell them to respect the new administration. They should respect the UPND because President Hakainde Hichilema has accomplished much more in five months than they have in seven years. I say seven years because I want Michael Sata’s three years removed. “I want to begin where Edgar Lungu began,” Musokotwane remarked.

“Nurses and teacher training colleges were still accepting applications.” They did not stop training to the point where we now have thousands of unemployed health care workers and teachers. However, President Hakainde claims that 30,000 instructors and 11,000 medical personnel would be hired within the next five months. They (the PF) must acknowledge the positive things that the new dawn administration is doing right now, because these are things that they should have done in seven years.”

She recalls the PF questioning where the money to implement the free education policy would come from, “since such funds were available within the country but were only being used to benefit a few PF ‘crooks’.”

“How did Hakainde get the money?” It was kept within the country since it was not deposited in the treasury. They spent the money on themselves rather than for the welfare of Zambians. So they should be grateful since they could have done it (free education). They should occasionally stand and say, ‘oh, this is good, why didn’t we do it?'” Musokotwane explained.

She asked what kind of rebranding the PF plans to achieve in 2026, after failing to do it in seven years under Lungu.

“If they do so (return in 2026), will they do what they have been doing for the last seven years, or will they do things differently?” “If they continue to do things the way they are currently, even if they return in 2026, they will not change a thing,” Musokotwane added. “They have no remorse. The Zambian people are in tears. They were sobbing because they were all in pain at the same time. Hakainde’s victory was not only due to the UPND. Many Zambians from various political parties, as well as those on the fence and in the background, stated, “We will wake up to change this government.”

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