State’s Bid to Confiscate Additional Assets of Journalist Faith Musonda

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Journalist Faith Musonda Faces More Asset Seizure in Corruption Case

Journalist Faith Musonda is once again in the spotlight in connection with corruption-related allegations, as the state seeks to have more of her assets forfeited.

Allegations suggest that she possesses properties valued at over $244,000, suspected of being ill-gotten proceeds from criminal activities. The Director of Public Prosecutions is pushing for these properties to be confiscated by the state.

Among the assets in question is a $185,000 house located in Kingsland City, assorted agriculture equipment worth $54,844.53, and jewelry valued at $5,000. Additionally, treasury and government bonds valued at K1.1 million and K3.1 million and a plot worth K4.6 million in Chisamba are also on the list.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has informed the court that its investigations revealed a significant mismatch between Ms. Musonda’s official emoluments, totaling K2.1 million, and the value of the properties she owns.

Ferguson Kombe, an ACC investigations officer, has stated that the total value of properties owned by Ms. Musonda far exceeds her official earnings. The investigations further discovered that the former Zambia Development Agency employee holds positions as a shareholder, director, or both in several companies.

These companies include Vintage Services, Rainbow Promise Academy, Goldore Company Limited, Clear Icon Media Consultants, Spock and Span Laurromat Services, and OCK Investment Limited. According to Mr. Kombe, investigations conducted by the Zambia Revenue Authority revealed that these companies were not compliant with tax regulations.

Mr. Kombe emphasizes that there were reasonable grounds to suspect that the properties could be proceeds of criminal activity or were acquired directly or indirectly through unlawful means

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