State House media director Clayson Hamasaka demands K3 million from Saboi Imboela for publishing defamatory statements

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STATE House media director Clayson Hamasaka is demanding K3 million from National Democratic party president Saboi Imboela for her alleged defamatory statements published on her Facebook page.

In a demand letter written by his lawyer, Mr Hamasaka says Ms Imboela has accused him of nepotism, tribalism, corruption, and being immoral in his marital affairs.

“Our client believes your motive for writing and publishing such, of not only his professional but personal and private life too, can only be to cause him embarrassment, ridicule, pain, loss of credibility and possibly financial injury as well, because, our client believes you knew or had every opportunity to find out, that there was no truth whatsoever in your wild and highly inflammatory allegations. Your publications are therefore defamatory of our client, just as they are criminal,” reads that letter.

Mr Hamasaka has since demanded that Ms Imboela retracts her publications on the same platforms and with the same publicity you caused them to be published.

He further wants the NDC leaders to offer an apology using the mainline media acceptable to him.

“That you cease making such publications, posts and arlicles of our client forthwith and desist from so doing in future. That you pay compensation to our client of not less than K3, 000, 000 irnmediately, through ourselves, together with 10% thereof as legal fees. Unless we receive confirmation of your willingness to comply with the above as well as remittance of the stated monies within 5 days of this letter, please note that we have express instructions to commence a legal action against you in the High Court to recover damages, interest and legal costs,” reads the letter in parts.

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