State House denies claims of President Hichilema’s role in the arrests of opposition members

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State House denies allegations of President Hakainde Hichilema’s involvement in the arrest of opposition leaders, asserting that arrests aren’t based on political affiliations. Clayson Hamasaka, the Chief Communication Specialist, clarified that the President is not connected to citizens engaging in unlawful activities.

“Despite global economic challenges, the President is dedicated to reviving the economy and upholding the rule of law, despite facing heightened malicious campaigns against his efforts. Malicious attacks against the President have been a constant throughout his political career. He’s resolute in upholding the rule of law in the country,” Hamasaka stated.

Hamasaka dismissed claims of opposition leaders being arrested, emphasizing that no one is detained solely for their political standing or regional origin. However, individuals suspected of criminal offenses have been apprehended.

“Being an opposition leader doesn’t grant immunity from the law. No one will be shielded based on their political allegiance. The law will be applied impartially and firmly. State institutions will work within legal boundaries to prevent lawlessness and anarchy,” Hamasaka affirmed.

He underscored the importance of political parties in a democracy but highlighted that criminal activities under the guise of opposition politics won’t be tolerated.

“Every person on Zambian soil, regardless of political stance, is subject to due process if suspected of breaking laws. We trust our Police Service to act lawfully in making arrests based on suspected violations. We urge Zambians and stakeholders to condemn criminal activities hiding behind opposition politics,” Hamasaka emphasized.

Hamasaka emphasized that the President prioritizes national development and doesn’t dictate police actions. The police, he said, follow legal procedures in handling suspected lawbreakers.

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