Spice Co-Signs Asian Doll’s Message About Free Loaders

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Spice cosigns Asian Doll’s PSA about free loaders.

Asian Doll shared that she was fed up with feeling used by people around her because they refuse to pay her to promote their goods and services. The rapper shared on her Instagram that she was tired of people who expected her to pay for their services, but they refused to pay for her services and expected her to promote their things free of charge.

“From here on out DON’T ask me to tag you in my post if you do my hair don’t ask me to tag the hair supplier either cause just how y’all charge for a install I CHARGE TO PROMOTE BRANDS ON MY PAGE,” the rapper said on her Instagram Stories. Asian Doll added, “I will pay you the full amount but you will not be allowed to record or post me that’s a fee…respect my hustle ima respect yours by paying the total amount.”

She also had some words for her friends and acquaintances as well.

“Don’t ask me to wear s*** or post s**** or pay for s*** ever you b****** paying your own tabs & paying your own way in the club no more using my face card for NOTHING not even to get around rich n******…if you didn’t pay for the section you will be standing outside the section if you don’t have cash but ask me to pay for it & you gone cash app me you will be hungry a*** out before I give you a dollar….no more even hanging around me everything ends TODAY,” she continued.

It’s unclear what sparked the latest tirade from the “Tweakin” rapper, but it seems that people have been taking her for granted, and she is not having it any longer.

In a separate IG Story, she shared that she didn’t like how she was treated.

“I always thought since I got the most money I’m supposed to pay for everything all the time b**** don’t even pick up the tab when I’m around I’m starting to notice that I’m not even hanging around my tax bracket daily I’m hanging with the bare minimum no shade but that’ ‘s cool & all but that’ ‘s not my crowd people enjoy spending you rhard working money they don’t give a f*** about you only what you have to offer & I OFFER A LOT on & off the internet,” she said.

Meanwhile, Spice co-signed Asian Da Bratt’s message as she says she has the same experience.

“I’m with her 1000% and some of them ungrateful AF #SPEAK… you’ll give your friends your all and they still gonna betray you,” she added.

Jada Kingdom also seemed to be in agreement as she noted, “ENERGY!!! LET’S F**IN GO!!!”


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