Spice And Shaneil Muir Gives Each Other Their Flowers

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Spice is showing love to dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir in her latest Instagram post.

It’s always nice to see artists showing each other love on social media, but when some of the top women in dancehall music give each other their flowers, fans especially love to see it. While it’s never any less respectable to see the men in the industry dabbing each other up in the virtual space, the narrative that has been propagated about female artists and their inability to get along makes moments like these that more exciting to see as they shut those absurd claims down.

Spice recently celebrated her birthday and debut album release on August 6, so it was undoubtedly a big day for her, perhaps the biggest of her career. The international dancehall star certainly had many people to thank for the great success of her project that bowed in the top 10 of the Billboard Reggae Albums chart and for an awesome birthday celebration as well. However, Spice took to Instagram to shout out no other than the budding dancehall star girl Shaneil Muir.

During a huge performance on her birthday, Spice invited Shaneil on stage, who sang her a happy birthday and told her she deserves everything she has achieved with respect to being on top for so many years. Alongside the touching video, Spice penned an even more touching caption, an encouraging love-filled note to Shaneil. “@shaneilmuir I got so much love and respect for you lil sis , thank you for coming out to help celebrate my birthday I wish you nothing but great Success in this business.”

She continued, “you’re Talented AF just remember 10,000 hurdles gonna come, just keep jumping over them one by one and kick down any door that they may close in your face. Dancehall was here before us and will remain after us #WomanPower #Love #Unity BLACK GIRL MAGIC.”

So moved was Shaneil by the Dancehall Queen’s words, she responded in the comments with even more awe and admiration.

“If I say I’m not emotional at this penned message I would be lying,” she said. “Spice, thank you! Thank u for setting such an influential mark in dancehall as a beautiful strong black woman, your work is admirable and you continue to inspire! I LOVE YOU and I’m happy I could be a part of your celebration!………right now me a practice da stand up and hold one leg supm deh… a signature #UNITY.”

Fans were quick to shower the comment section with supportive messages in favor of the two women uplifting each other. “Love this,” one stan wrote, “Embrace the ppl who paved the way instead of trying to gwan like say u waan push them out of the business & tek over them space.” Another pleaded, “My two favs please collab,” and it’s fair to say many others shared this sentiment.

While the call for a joint track from the ladies is not at all far-fetched, it probably won’t be answered in short order with Spice having just released a new album. However, anything is possible, and both their fans are excited about the prospect regardless of when it will come to fruition. Earlier this year in March, Spice posted photos of herself with Shaneil and Jada Kingdom after a performance in Houston. The ladies seemed to have had a great night together, and their undeniable connection is what started the call for them to give fans a track together.

Spice’s latest post has proven that she has kept tight with the new generation of dancehall females. Who do you think will collaborate first?


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