Sophie Ndaba’s Estranged Husband Max Lichaba Responds To Step Son’s Diss Track

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Sophie Ndaba’s Estranged Husband Max Lichaba Responds To Step Son’s Diss Track. Sophie Ndaba’s son Lwandle Ndaba who goes by the stage name Ocean L had jaws dropped following the debut of his diss track dedicated to his step father Max Lichaba. The rap song not only called out Lichaba for being physically abusive to his mother but for also driving her to depression and also cheating on her with females young enough to be his daughter. The song titled My Step Father is The Devil has created a lot of buzz on social media and has gotten the attention of many.

Max has since responded to the diss track alleging that he cheated and abused his estranged wife Sophie Ndaba and he has refuted all allegations made against him in the song. Lichaba claims that he has never laid a hand on any woman and because he is a girl dad, he knows better than to ever lay a hand on a woman. He did however confirm that his divorce is underway at the High Court

“First, I am not going to comment on this song, what I can tell you is I have never in my life beaten up a woman and I am not about to do that as I have kids who are girls and I have a sister too. My matter with Sophie is at the high court for divorce and that is all I can say,” he said.

He also commented on claims that Lwandle was receiving threats from his family stating that he would never let anyone harm the people that he supports and shared a connection with.

“I am not sure who will ever in my family want to harm the child I raised and took to school with my own money; the child I taught how to drive a car. When he was sick, I would take him to the doctor. I do not think any of my family will want to do that to him or Sophie,” he said.

Lichaba and Ndaba, who married in a  traditional ceremony in 2018, separated last year and are heading for divorce. Lwandle raps about how hid step father heated on his mother with his best friend who is young enough to be his daughter and also alleges that he miss-treated his mother and brings levels when it comes to the men are trash era.

The song also speaks about how happy he was when the former Generations actress eventually kicked him to the curb and swears to replace everything that his step father took from his family.

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