Sophie Lichaba – The pain of losing half of herself & being made fun of

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Sophie Lichaba

Actress Sophie Lichaba has again hit back at those who have ridiculed her dramatic weight loss, saying that many South Africans don’t know what it is like to lose half themselves and think it is a joke.

Speaking on Afternoon Express on Tuesday, Sophie shared some of the vicious remarks that South Africans had made towards her after she started losing weight.

“I think South Africans don’t realise the pain and the journey of losing half yourself and think it’s a joke.

“There is nobody that wants to lose half themselves. There is nobody that wants to fight every day, while on the left and the right you’re getting attacked and behind you, because you can’t see at the same time who’s attacking you and from where.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE late last month, the Lockdown star said the hurtful remarks and jokes affected both her private life and businesses.

“I am human, of course it affected me. It affected me because I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t see the public coming. I didn’t see myself losing so much weight. There was trauma after trauma after trauma. You must remember that I am not just an actress, I have businesses … People who once trusted you with R10m or R5m for their projects, when they hear you are dying, why would they even give you a contract? It was the challenge of losing a lot.”

She also revealed in a chat last week that her husband Max still received messages from women saying he was foolish to stay with her, as she was going to die.

“My husband is still getting messages from silly women saying, ‘That woman is not for you, she’s dying’. But I am better, so you understand, it’s a constant fight with the world too.”


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