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Sophie Lichaba Taking No Nonsense

Sophie Lichaba

Actress Sophie Lichaba has been basking in the amazing reviews she has been receiving since the latest episode of Lockdown aired.

Unfortunately in the midst of all the praises, she had to address the hate and respond to the trolls who continue to spew bile in an attempt to tear her down for her looks.

It is bad enough that they say mean things to the star, tweeps even tag her in their nasty comments. One tweep tagged Sophie and said that she wasn’t being truthful about the disease that changed her appearance. The troll even said that diabetic patients ‘don’t look’ like Sophie.

Sophie clapped back and called her stupid and lacks knowledge about life.
“God help her and her stupidity.  She doesn’t know life,” she responded.

The veteran actress challenged those who interrogated her about her health and dictate to her what she should do about it.

Sophie engaged with her followers directly who defended her. She said; “Without knowledge the people will perish.”

She also wrote on her twitter; ” They who comment irresponsibly with lack of exposure or knowledge and talk on my behalf are stupid. You talk of cancer. Have you seen ALL cancer patients??? Were you one? Really? have you seen my journey do you know it. Did you see my mother before she died?”