Social media reacts to ‘Madam and Mercy’ reality show debut #MadamAndMercy

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#MadamAndMercy, Evodia Mogase

Socialites-turned-reality TV stars Evodia “Madam” Mogase and her model daughter Mercy are back on fans’ screens with their new opulent show, Madam and Mercy.

While the nation eagerly waited to see their faves, Madam and Mercy, back on their screens, the mother and daughter got tongues wagging on Wednesday evening after the debut of their show.

Being former Real Housewives of Johannesburg stars, South Africans who got the opportunity to know of the flashy mother-daughter duo in the show’s first season will be able to get a better insight of who they are in their 13 reality shows.

Speaking to City Press, Evodia said what fans will witness is tears, emotions and vulnerability.

“Viewers are going to see another side of me that they have never seen before. I am letting my people into my own space, from my humble beginnings to where I am today. You are going to see me at my lowest.”

Madam became a viewers’ favourite when she starred in the first season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg with her many knowing her for her popular catchphrase: “What a joke my darling!”

This is what viewers had to say about the show:


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