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Sleeping With A Married Woman Sends Man To Court


By Alfred A FL Nyambe

Seeming as if they were just playing ‘,chimbuya’ on each other being tribal cousins promising great sex if Hakainde would win the 2021 general elections, Sitali of Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound will appear soon in court to answer for himself why he had the guts to illegally have a little bite from the forbidden fruit of Kanyama’s married woman.

The aspersion happened on 16th August, 2021 around 02 hrs.

Mutinta and Sitali cast a spell on an echoing cliff of antipathy diversion dabating on who would win between Adada and Bally. Being of the opposition party, Mutinta said HH would lead. But Sitali, of the PF, said Lungu would take a lead.

“If HH wins, trust me, I’ll will give you a great sex which no woman has ever given you,” pledged Mutinta.

Around 02hrs, people of Kanyama came out in great a number from their various respective homes to celebrate the triumph of Hakainde, be it married or single. Sitali and Mutinta made capital of the locale and sprinted into the streets to join the blissful multitude which filled the streets as if they were waiting for the second coming of Jesus, dancing and singing.
According to their pledge, they sneaked into a ‘chintemba’ where Mutinta unquestionably spread her legs widly as if she was giving birth to give Sitali an anomalous delectation which no woman had ever given him.

Pleasurably drilling a rare flapper, respiring and puffing on top of his ‘mbuya’, to experiment an extraordinary procreation, a noisy and relentless slap only a trainee from Lilayi could give, landed on his cheek—awakened, and it deposited him into a tenement of commotion.

Wanting to rub his eyes to see the way out, he was thwarted diplomatically and he planted his knees on the landscape, ploughed the ground with his elbows.

Despite of hard blows he was receiving, he managed to scamper for his life.

But he was immediately caught by onlookers and curious dudes. He’ll appear in court tomorrow Monday for adultery.