Skatta Burrell Sounds Alarm After 2-Week Battle With Covid-19

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The Covid-19 virus is very real and very dangerous. These are the words of dancehall music producer Skatta Burrell who recently chimed in on a debate about the fact that many people seem to think that the virus is made up.

He used his own experience with it to assure those who are still in doubt about the devastating effects of the virus on some people who have contracted it. His comment was in response to a STAR article that brought to light one of the first people in Jamaica to catch the virus. The article details how the person is disappointed to know that people seem to be making light of Covid-19.

The well-known producer was the first to comment on the article with his harrowing experience. He shared that he had only recently gotten over the virus and that he considered it “real and very, very dangerous.” While he said he agreed that many people don’t have such negative effects, he was not so lucky.

“I had all the symptoms. Fever, Diarrhea, aching joints, headache, vomiting and the worst Coughing and shortness of breath. There were times I could not catch no breath no matter how hard I tried. It took me 14 days to get to a point where I felt I was recovering,” he revealed.

The audio engineer took the time to also shower praise on his girlfriend for her strength throughout the ordeal, adding that even when she contracted the virus, she still kept fighting for him. “She got it Her strength surpassed mines and She made me pull thru,” he continued.

He also said that he had gone through so much that he was gearing up to do a Live to help people better understand some of the ramifications of contracting the virus. He added that there was an urgent need to spread awareness of Covid-19 and encourage people to take all the precautions that they possibly can.

“From what I been thru now I understand why the elderly and those with underline ailments lose the battle so with this disease,” he said.

The prolific songwriter added that he is not getting involved in any theories on how the virus came to be or “whatever agenda that may exist via the many vaccines,” but he is hoping that the public takes their precautions and the virus very seriously.

“People are dying and I’m very grateful to be here to appreciate the little things such as waking up to look at the morning sun. We are not immortal and anyone can catch it,” he went to say.

He only recently made the announcement via Instagram that he was Covid free. When he made the post he also seemed to take a jab at his Christian following as he said, “Finally Covid free and out and I never prayed once.”

Skatta Burrell stayed true to his word and, on Tuesday, August 17, put out a video detailing his experience while battling the virus. He shares several details of his experience in the video, from his diagnosis to the home remedies he tried to his recovery. He captioned the video, “My COVID-19 Experience.”

At least one fan who commented was convinced and implored others to take the necessary precautions.

“Well guys you hear it from a man that hides nothing or tell lie for nothing or anyone ,when Chris a warn everybody ppl cuss him a say a lie see all who at the hospital don’t have the resources to care for them self so that’s why we have a hospital overload guys its real my grand mother had it and sh we is 71 we had to buy one of those long oxygen tank and put her on it because she couldn’t get air on her own ppl it ruff it cost money,” the fan commented.

You can check out the video below.


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