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Sjava Is Not Canceled


Looks like ‘cancel culture’ is not a real thing because Sjava’s music is still being played by SABC, ranking in those royalties despite the rape allegations against him.

The SABC told Sowetan it will first let the law take its course in Sjava’s case before they decide to ‘cancel’ and boycott his music.

A case of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

Last week, major brands and organizations like DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards, Cape Town International Jazz Festival and as of this past weekend the Miss Mpumalanga pageant immediately cut ties with the singer, cancelling his performance at the show.

The numerous withdrawals come after organisers learnt of the rape case opened against Sjava by a former girlfriend and musician Lady Zamar last week.

Unlike Sjava’s following, however, many people have asked for Lady Zamar to be cancelled instead for laying charges of rape against their favourite. Calling her a liar and an attention seeker on her socials.

“The SABC respects the rule of law and believes that any allegations levelled against anyone should follow the due process of the law,” acting SABC spokesperson Mmoni Seapolelo said.

Is the SABC being cautious or have they already picked a side without saying it?