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#SizweVsAKA Things Gets Ugly As Ricky Rick & Cassper also Collide

#AKAVsSizwe, AKA Vs Sizwe

Do you know how a match stick on fire can burn the whole forest? Well, there is no better way to put it, that small fire may be Sizwe unnecessarily poking at AKA thinking he won’t respond.

We all know AKA is not one to be caged or boxed he will always throw shots back if you start him. When Sizwe pretentiously defended AKA in the AKA Reebok deal which fell calling him “an awful business person”.

AKA was sure to poke back at Sizwe who took the shot very emotional considering he’s a commentator on everything, one would think he would easily be bothered by one’s comments on his fashion choices. This immediately sparked the #SizweVsAKA Twar as he even challenged AKA for a boxing match or so to say.

We not sure if AKA didn’t get that memo that day buy his tweets today show he is down for a one on one with Sizwe. This is how he responded.

Tweeps were sure to react:

No one was safe from SuperMega today and you guessed it when shots fired stray bullets bound to hit Cassper.

AKA was in war mode and twitter ate it up:

#SizweVsAKA how Supa Ⓜ️ega holding up ninjas 🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/qoM8egNCp6

— King_RSA🇿🇦 (@King21055224) May 20, 2020

Ricky Rick had also weighed in on the #SizweVsAKA beef echoing that Sizwe was in the wrong and well this seems to have touched the sensitive side of Cassper as he did not take it lightly. Cassper even told Ricky Rick to F*** Off

Well its safe to assume a RickyRickVsCassper Beef is happening too. Sizwe has gone quiet since AKA shot at his Grand father being a sellout hence owning a farm during apartheid.

Let us wait to see what’s next.