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Sizwe Dhlomo throws jabs at Vusi Thembekwayo


Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo’s “beef” might stand the test of time.

The business-minded individuals have never seen eye-to-eye and this past weekend was no different.

Sizwe came after Vusi after the motivational speaker shared his leadership tips for success in the corporate world.

On Twitter, Vusi wrote: “Leadership Tip: Don’t interview people. Interview the people and companies they used to work with and for. People will present a picture of themselves. The picture they want you to believe. Rather talk to people that have actually experienced that person.”

Vusi shared a lengthy thread on what entrepreneurs do to avoid labour issues.

Shortly thereafter, Sizwe shaded his nemesis, saying: “Lol! Mans said interview the company like managers have hours to spare for someone who’s trying to poach their employees.”

“Interviews are not about testimonials, that’s what references & resumes are for. Interviews are to ascertain personality and social characteristics, then determine whether or not they are a fit within your organisation,” Sizwe said.