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Sizwe Dhlomo calls out Vusi Thembekwayo for his homophobic tweet in their twar

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Vusi Thembekwayo found himself on the wrong side of the Twitter streets and had to apologise to the LGBTQI+ community after his tweet translated as homophobic and transphobic as he attempted to drag Sizwe Dhlomo in their latest twar.

In the latest twar that involves media personality Sizwe, the two took jabs at each other when Sizwe called Vusi out for lying.

It all started when Vusi claimed that he was broke back in 2007 when he started his business.

However, Sizwe called him out for lying and had the receipts to prove it.

Sizwe had old tweets from Vusi that contradicted his current statement, where he bragged about how much money he had in 2007 when he kicked off his business.

In fact, in the old tweet, Vusi said he was a millionaire.

The pair then went into the usual mud-slinging that tweeps are used to. Vusi attempted to discredit Sizwe by accusing him of not understanding the concept of hard work because he has “old money” backing him.

“You see, when you grow up eating cheese on Tuesday & calling the poor people, “he nina” you don’t understand the value of HARD WORK, remaining teachable”, said Vusi after Sizwe called him out.

However, Sizwe kept asking him to explain his two contradicting background stories.

Things took a left turn for Vusi when he tried to drag Sizwe.

He posted an article titled “Sizwe Dhlomo and those gay assault rumours” and said “What was happening here my laaitie. Umshayelani uRupaul?”

Sizwe called him out as being homophobic and transphobic. Vusi soon deleted the tweet and apologised.