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Singer, Maheeda Refuses To Delete N*ked Videos On P*rn Sites After Becoming Born Again

Maheeda, Caroline Sam, naked pics

Caroline Sam, the controversial Nigerian singer known as Maheeda, is not ready to delete her n@ked videos on p0rnographic sites even after turning a new leaf.

Maheeda made this remark while responding to questions from fans after she announced that she has embraced Christianity and shun her controversial and raunchy lifestyle.


A fan asked ‘Maheeda, you still have n@ked twerk videos on p0rn sites, why not pull it down?’

She responded by saying, “I don’t have the power to put it down, because it is beautiful to have your mess around while your message is still going around so I might not delete them.

“I was kind of forced into deleting the one on my page, I would have also left it because you’re both, people have to accept their past and present that it will work for them for good and you trying to cover your past, delete your past, it doesn’t make sense, people will not get your story well enough if you delete all your past, a lot of these top rich people, we have the Dangote, we have the Buhari, if they can tell you their past, you will be able to learn how they succeeded to that level.

“So I believe that people seeing my past and now my present will enable them to know where I come from so I wouldn’t want to delete it”.


The 38-year-old mother became an infamous celeb after gaining notoriety for sharing raunchy photos and nude videos on social media. She had gone ahead to also shared videos of herself twerking n@ked on p0rn sites.


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