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Simz Ngema explains why she wants to raise her son to be a nice guy.


Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema feels that the “broken men” of this age need to unlearn some of the things they learned as children in order to change the escalating figures of women being assaulted by men.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, the actress and singer emphasized her concerns.

“When I look at the males of our generation, I think it’s too late.” I’m grateful for the wonderful men, but I fear it’s too late for the broken ones; where can we start to change the narrative? How can we assist them in becoming better? “How do we help them unlearn what they’ve always believed to be their truth?” she wrote.

Simz, who has a one-year-old son with model and media personality Tino Chiyani, stated that she is making a concerted effort to raise a nice man.

“Statistics show that women are dying at the hands of men; where do we start?” So far, the responses I’ve received tell me to raise my son to be a nice guy; have we given up on our generation?”

Simz went on to say that the call-out culture was obsolete because it was only relevant on social media.

“Cancel culture doesn’t solve anything; we ‘cancel’ them on social media and then go about our lives as if nothing occurred.”