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Simon Mwelwa Lane Stans On Mercy Mukwiza

Mercy Mukwiza

Here is an article Mr Simon Mwelwa Lane wrote about Mercy Mukwiza. This socialite has got fans in high places clearly:


One of my College professors, Dr. Billy Wheeler used to say “Son, there are 3 sides to every story. My side, your side…then THE TRUTH.

I don’t typically sit and watch long videos on Facebook or YouTube, that’s the reason I usually keep my own videos short…but yesterday I watch Mercy Mukwiza’s rebuttal [ response ] and I must say…I found it interesting. Her video lasted almost an hour and she made some eye opening points.

My favourite line in her Video was “Swipe left and delete”…there are certain people you don’t need to hear from…when those types of people call you, just “swipe left and delete”, that amused me.

I’m not taking sides here, I’m just giving you my opinion on her Video.

Mercy also made a strong point about her age. What does it matter what her age is? She jokingly said that she was about to turn 18 yrs old, then she asked, “So now that you know my age, will it cure coronavirus?” Her point was, a lady doesn’t tell her age.😃

Lastly, I think that Mercy Mukwiza is the consummate fashionista [ that simply means she’s a devoted follower of fashion ] and to be totally honest…I think she’s the first real Zambian Fashionista we’ve ever had.

I now I understand those glamorous pictures she takes…Mercy uses her locations as a backdrop to show case her fashion style and sense…which isn’t a bad thing at all. Mercy Mukwiza has a very valuable place in the fashion world. With her glam…she can sell ANYTHING and it will fly off the shelf.

Use your power wisely Mercy…not everyone has what you have. Her Facebook page will blow up very soon and she’ll have more than 500,000 within 3 years.

She’s going to be MASSIVE.


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Source: Simon Mwelwa Lane Facebook Page.

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