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Signs Your Relationship Won’t Work


If you’ve just started dating someone new and are keen to know whether your new partner is in it for the long haul, experts have shared the tell-tale signs that your relationship may not last.

From getting matching tattoos to having a ‘textbook perfect’ romance, two experts have shared the signs you need to pay attention to if you’re concerned your new partner may not be The One.

If you can tick off at least eight of the below ten points then you may want to rethink your new love interest.

1. You’re not friends on Facebook, Instagram or any social media accounts: Even if the person says they’re not really active on social media, you should be virtual friends. If the person is ready to commit, the first step will be to let you connect on all their social media networks… unless they have something to hide, like another person he or she might be dating or might want to date.

2. There are no signs about moving in together in the near future: If you haven’t spoken about it and still don’t allocate space for each other in your respective homes, it’s not looking good.

3. Getting matching tattoos within weeks of knowing each other: This isn’t a commitment but demonstrates irresponsibility towards life and towards you. As easily as they agreed or suggested a tattooed, the more easily they will fly away from you to the next person.

4. When it’s textbook perfect: When they’re saying how amazing you are every morning, arranging dates, giving compliments (more than one a day), you need to watch out. Perhaps it is a carefully orchestrated plan.

Even if the person has serious intentions towards you, the same person also has serious intentions about hiding his or her ‘other’ life from you, the one that does not involve you.

5. You don’t spend most Fridays together: Let’s just be clear: Friday night is date night.

6. They won’t travel to you: Someone who wants you will travel to you. Men travel hundreds of miles for their favourite sports teams, and they will happily travel to see their favourite girl. If you’re travelling to him and he’s unwillingly to travel to you, your relationship won’t last. Men always want the ‘hard to get’ girl. Be the ‘hard to get girl.’ Let him travel to you.

7. You haven’t met their friends or family: People that are into you introduce you to their family and friends early on. In fact, you’ll find that when you do meet their family and friends, they already know all about you, including what you look like, what you do and where you live.

8. They don’t call you their boyfriend or girlfriend: The pet name they use to refer to you and how they introduce you to others is another way to tell if your relationship will last. If you’re dating for a while, and they haven’t given you a title, it’s because they don’t see a future with you.

9. They don’t buy romantic gifts: People who want to build a relationship don’t forget important dates like your birthday. They are never ‘busy’ on your birthday either. Gifts are often a great indicator of whether your relationship will last.

10. They haven’t asked for exclusivity: Do you know if he or she is dating you and only you exclusively? Have they asked for exclusivity or is their profile still active on dating sites or apps? Generally, when a person starts a new relationship and when they are sure about you, they ask for exclusivity fairly quickly.

Source: Daily Mail