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Shocking Ingredients Used To Make Fake Whiskeys

Fake whiskey

As the scourge of fake whiskeys, gins, vodkas and other spirits continues across the country, imbibers will be shocked to learn of some of the ingredients used in making these fake alcoholic drinks.

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Some of the ingredients which will cause many to rethink their drinking habits and to reconsider their sources of alcohol include methylated spirits as well as a popular household bleach which is sold under the name Jik.

The hustlers do not seem to be concerned about the potential side effects of their illicit brews which include death and blindness from methanol poisoning. Just over two months back, six Zimbabwean and Malawian nationals died in Cape Town, South Africa from methanol poisoning after drinking homemade beer.

Experts have also warned that consuming fake alcoholic products can result in infertility and damage to the brain and liver.